Grasol ω3 DHA

GRASOL ω3 DHA is a golden powder with a lightl odour of refined fish oil, very rich in DHA. DHA is the most important ω3 fatty acid because it is the last step before transforming into eicosanoid mollecules, that control the immunoinflammatory responses in the organisms.

GRASOL ω3  is very digestible because is present as a triglycerides form, much more digestible than ethylic esters and free fatty acids. The commercial product has 12% of DHA and 4% of EPA in final product.

GRASOL ω3  is suitable for pregnant sows, delivering more vigorous piglets that reach more weight at weaning (+10%) (Rooke et al. 2000). The use of GRASOL ω3 in piglets directly improves the lactobacilli adhesion into the intestinal gut (+12%)(prebiotic action) (Bomba et al., 2003) as well as improving the immunosystem (+100% of fagocitic activity of neutrophils). In boars, using GRASOL ω3 will increase the spermatic concentration and the proportion of viable sperm cells (Penny et al., 2000).

In general, ω3 enhances the immunosystem making the animals more resistant against diseases and reduces the allergenic inflammatory responses