DAUCUSAN is a product from dehydrated and grinded special varieties of carrot pulp. These varieties have been selected according to its content in ß-carotene. Therefore, DAUCUSAN is an important source of natural carotenoids, specially of ß-carotene and a-carotene, as well as little quantities of lutein  and zeaxanthin. Due to this ß-carotene content DAUCUSAN is an important source of provitamin A* as well as a powerful antioxydant. The glucidyc fraction of DAUCUSAN present an important quantity of pectin with high gelic capacity and antidiarrhoea function.

DAUCUSAN is specially suitable for Petfood as a controller of the humidity in wet final food and also as an antidiarrhoea agent. In fattening animals, DAUCUSAN is a good source of fermentable fiber. In breeder animals, DAUCUSAN improves the fertility and reproductive performances due to the presence of ß-carotene.