In nature, in plant world, tannins produce a protective effect against several parasites causing plant and animal diseases, such as bacteria, moulds and viruses, microbes and insects. Under conditions of natural feeding animals provide themselves with tannins from plants in which they are contained in different forms and concentration. Under conditions of intensive breeding we can efficiently use tannins as feed additive.

TANNIDIET is a mixture of esteric and glycosidic tannins, hydrolisable and condensed tannins, from chestnut and carob extract, where the hydrolysable ones are predominant. With proteins, sugars and microorganisms and cell structures, tannins form stable complexes.

The positive effect of TANNIDIET is explained by the fact that the tannins contained in it forms with proteins a thin layer of denatured proteins, the mucous membrane becoming thus less sensitive to injuries. It also prevents the development of microorganisms in the substratum of digestive system. Tannins do not kill microorganisms like antibiotics do. That means that they don’t cause resistance wich is a widespread phenomenon in the stock-farming today.