Is a sinergystic combination of non corrosive inorganic and organic acids in a prebiotic vegetable carrier. Usually, the acids are transported to their site of action into the animal in a mineral carrier with neither nutritional or zootechnical effect. prebiACID is an acidifier on a vegetable carrier which has a bifidogenic action in the intestinal tract offering an added value to the animal’s  health. The indigenous bacteria take the vegetable carrier as an inespecific extract to growth.

The results of prebiACID are:

  • Decrease the feed pH, restricting the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Have a bactericidal action against pathogens with their un-dissociated form.
  • In young animals, stimulates the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin.
  • Decrease the buffer capacity of feed, improving the digestability.
  • Avoid the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal epithelium.
  • Have prebiotic effect, improving the growth of lactic acid bacteria, essential for preventing diseases.
  • Is not corrosive and does not affect the machinery as other acids do and is much more tolerated by the workers.

Other acidifiers in other concentrations are available.