Mycotoxins are a component easily founded in raw materials that causes a wide spectrum of damages in all kind of animals, specially focused in liver and kidney.

Is a multifunctional mycotoxin binder made of artichoke extract, silimarin, choline chloride and double activated HSCAS (Hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate). Thanks to the special structure of crystal silicates and diameter of the pores, MYCOCYNAR have a high binding capacity of mycotoxins, specially Aflatoxins, and water, helping to slow down mold recontamination. As well, artichoke and silimarin have a hepatoprotective and diuretic effect, choleretic and colagogue.

MYCOCYNAR does not interfere with all other ingredients and does not absorb pharmaceutical substances.

MYCOCYNAR  is an economic and safety product and can also be applied at higher dosages without any harmful effect.